Aprodite: Color Turnaround

A 4-point turnaround of my Aphrodite character in Bruce Timm’s style.  A turnaround is a series of front, 3/4, side, and  rear view illustrations of a character designed so that all members of a production team will know what a character looks like from all points of view.  Sometimes a 3/4 rear view is included as well.  A turnaround is part of the model sheet package along with an expression sheet and “gestures” or poses.  For more information, check out this more detailed explanation by Mike Milo.

Even though I completed this turnaround early on in the character design process, and so it isn’t as sleek as the newer gesture designs, the practice of developing Aphrodite into a 3D form led to the final, more sophisticated, look for her poses here and here.  This exercise helped me become more familiar with her as a character and made it easier to discover the shapes that describe her form in more evocative ways.

It usually isn’t necessary to color turnaround illustrations, but I decided to do so with this early design.  In the process, I learned a few finer points about outlining contour lines, coloring, and shading.  For example, the form of her breasts and the gold bands that wrap around her gown are described better with this shading than in her gesture poses.  This was a great opportunity to practice lighting a character consistently when viewed from different orientations.

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Alex Bond
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Alex Bond grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, studied Psychology at Reed College in Portland Oregon, and completed a thesis project on Internet RPGs before discovering it was a lot more fun to draw cool things for the entertainment industry herself.  She returned to the Bay Area in to earn her MFA in Illustration at the Academy of Art University and pursue a career in art.  Her splendid knowledge about people, creatures, and history; her mad research skills; and excellent team playing nature are assets on any project.

Alex is passionate about the potential of digital art and interactive entertainment, and is deeply interested in the growth of both mediums. She believes art in the application of games serves to immerse the audience in a character’s point of view and is constantly searching for ways to enrich these mediums. She brings a unique and diversified perspective to her career as a digital concept artist, matte painter and compositing artist combined with regular jaunts out of the studio to practice traditional plein air painting.