Studio Bond Website Updates

Website Updates Include:

  • Updated portfolio with most recent work & higher quality images.  This included photographing my charcoal drawing series under better lighting conditions than before and resizing them.
  • Updated Categories for easier navigation.  Categories relate to Concept Art, unless otherwise specified (ie: Personal & Educational Projects).  This is the blue drop-down menu at the upper-right corner of the header.  Portfolio is all-inclusive, whereas the categories below are divided by subject.
  • Updated About page.
  • Created new pages: What is Concept Art? and Why Concept Art? The later was the essay I submitted to the Academy of Art University for acceptance into the MFA: Illustration program.
  • Updated Widgets – removed distracting elements of website and included more social network options through which to share art and blog entries.
  • Prints Now Available for Purchase – with the aid of my site manager, selected prints are now available for order at Imagekind.  If you would like to purchase a piece that is not available for print, contact me, and I will make it available if possible.
  • Announced that I am available for commissions.

Future Updates:

  • As I work through my studio courses, beginning this January 31st, 2010, I’ll be adding and replacing artwork as I create them to reflect the most current level of my skill.  These will probably be posted in chunks between major assignments or semesters.  Commissions may also be included in my portfolio.
  • I may make my .pdf portfolio available for download.  Currently it’s available upon request.
  • I may make my new CV available for download.  Currently it’s available upon request.
  • I plan to document the process of earning my MFA in illustration, as well as post tutorials along the way, here in my blog.

Any particular requests for site updates?  What would you like to see here?  What would make the site more useful to you, easier to navigate, or get in touch with me?  Thanks for reading!

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Alex Bond
SF Bay Area, CA
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I'm an Illustrator and Concept Artist with 15+ years experience world-building and telling stories. I am passionate about developing memorable worlds for film, books, magazines, and games in the imaginative genres. Recently, I've begun blending 3D ZBrush sculpting into my 2D work.

I graduated from Reed College with a B.A. in Psychology and pursued a brief career in Psychiatry research before enrolling in my first formal art class. I realized my passion for digital art, visual story-telling, and interactive media and left Psychology to earn my MFA in Illustration and focused on concept art for games in the Academy of Art University. From my studio in the San Francisco Bay Area I work with a variety of clients, publishers, and studios.