Glowing Underground Keep in Digital Watercolor & Chalk

Title: Glowing Underground Keep in Digital Watercolor & Chalk
Year: 2010
Medium: Digital watercolor & pencil in Corel Painter 11 & Intuos3 4x5Wacom Tablet
Size: 6.1″ x 8″
Year: 2010
Notes: I was inspired by Minas Morgul from The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Notre Dam and created an image that could be used in a childrens’ book. I prefer to sketch directly in Painter rather than scan in one created on paper as it involves fewer steps and the result is cleaner. I used the Sketching Pencil variant in dark grey on Fine Hard Grain paper. Then I switched to a Pavement texture and colored it with the New Simple Water variant of the Digital Watercolors brush. I created the grainy texture of the stone with Variable Chalk. The carved figures lining the door are thematic. Women on the right and men on the left, and from inside to outside they are soldiers, scholars, and merchants young to elderly. Created as an educational project.

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  1. Jessie:

    I especially like the carved cat statue on the far left. I like your colour palette, it’s very Minas Morgul. I really like the angles of the faces of the statues on the right, more so than the statues on the left – although they are all very nice. Interesting choice, equating the three career themes with stages in life.

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Alex Bond grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, studied Psychology at Reed College in Portland Oregon, and completed a thesis project on Internet RPGs before discovering it was a lot more fun to draw cool things for the entertainment industry herself.  She returned to the Bay Area in to earn her MFA in Illustration at the Academy of Art University and pursue a career in art.  Her splendid knowledge about people, creatures, and history; her mad research skills; and excellent team playing nature are assets on any project.

Alex is passionate about the potential of digital art and interactive entertainment, and is deeply interested in the growth of both mediums. She believes art in the application of games serves to immerse the audience in a character’s point of view and is constantly searching for ways to enrich these mediums. She brings a unique and diversified perspective to her career as a digital concept artist, matte painter and compositing artist combined with regular jaunts out of the studio to practice traditional plein air painting.